Sculptural Steel Rods Transform A Loft Into A Work Of art

Some believe you can judge a person’s character and style by analyzing the art they collect. The architects from Produce. Workshop used this concept when they designed a loft in Novena, Singapore for art collector and former CEO of MediaCorp News Woon Tai Ho.

The loft has a total living space of 75 square meters and the interior is a reflection of its owner’s character. The architects looked for inspiration in the art collects and were particularly influenced by the works of Jane Lee and Han Sai Por who use strong and powerful images.

They decided that an interesting and unique approach for this project would be to create a single piece of furniture and frames and connects everything inside the loft. The structure they designed is made of thin steel rods and serves as a bookshelf, a wardrobe, a table, wine rack and obviously also as a sculpture.

In the dining area, they wrap their way around the bottom of the table to support it at one end. They form a wine rack, conveniently incorporated in the design and situated between the kitchen and the dining room.

It was clear from the beginning that the loft had to look modern and to incorporate art at every turn. The architects were offered complete freedom and they came up with this ingenious and unique concept which not only perfectly describes the way the owner perceives this space and life in general but also gives the loft a very chic industrial vibe.

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