How To Solve The Curtain Problem When You Have Bay Windows

Bay windows are a bit odd and this means they sometimes pose problems. A bay window is actually just a regular window but the unusual feature is the way it communicates with the rest of the house and its walls. It represents a window space projecting outward from the main walls of a building, forming a bay in the room. One of the most tricky things to do is finding a right curtain design for these bay windows.

Ideally, the curtain rod would bend to follow the design of the window but, as it turns out, this is quite difficult. A much better solution would be to have three separate curtain rods.

If the windows are large and go almost all the way up to the ceiling, then you’ll want to use long curtains so you’d need one for each window. They will be operated individually and you’ll have the possibility of covering up the windows entirely.

But if you wish to only have two curtains, then you’ll have to be creative and make some sort of compromise. Perhaps the bay windows can form a shallow balcony-like structure and the curtains can conceal it.

If the bay windows form a smooth and delicate curve as opposed to an angular structure, then it’s possible to find flexible curtain rods. This seems like a great way to expand a room, even if just a little bit.

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