Beautiful Teacups To Use and To Decorate With

Teacups. With a vintage spirit and a functional presence, teacups have more than just one usage in the home. Not only can you brew a yummy cup of tea and have an afternoon gabbing over them with the girls, but you can decorate with them too! Let’s have a look at some great ideas and inspiration when it comes to your teacups and what to do with them!

This coffee shop too their cups and created beautiful ceiling fixtures that are artistic, creative and full of interest. Imagine doing this on a smaller scale inside your own home over the breakfast nook or bar area!

Your mantle could use a bit of feminine appeal, so why not give it some vintage charm by adding some of your gorgeous teacups to the design. We love the eclectic feel of this example and its unique appeal.

Use your teacups as small planters! Then create gorgeous centerpieces around this fun and flirty idea. Pot your favorite little flowers and see how it instantly sprucing the breakfast table or kitchen island.

Glue some classic cups together with a creative force and then you’ll have an easy piece to organize and display with. It’ll spruce up your vanity or dresser and make it easier to find certain pieces in the morning.

Install of hooks under the cabinets and hang your favorite teacups! This doubles as style and organization! It creates a cozy experience in the kitchen but also makes it easier to grab when you need a cup.

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