A Laid Back Holiday Home Turned Into A Picturesque Retreat

Simple, casual and with a facade that seems to have a lot of history, this holiday home has been remodeled by Eric Lamascus, the founder and CEO of Elite Construction. The company has been remodeling homes since 1999 and its designers are specialized in coming up with innovative home additions meant to improve and transform the whole look.

Situated outside of Santa Cruz in California, the house is surrounded by beautiful, wild landscape and vegetation. It’s because of this that the designer chose to focus on the views when remodeling the interior. But perhaps the most charming areas are the outdoor ones. The wooden deck offers the perfect environment from which to admire the surroundings, relax and enjoy the weather.

A pair of white Adirondack chairs are placed around a firepit, oriented towards the vast portion of vegetation that surrounds the house. Potted plants and a small dining set occupy the other portion of the deck.

An outdoor shower complements the entrance that leads into the kitchen. Large, glass-paneled doors connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing them to communicate seamlessly.

Outside on the deck there’s also room for a grill or stove, making this a perfect place for enjoying barbecues and gatherings on sunny days and serene nights.

The interior is surprisingly bright and tranquil. The soft, pastel yellow on the bedroom walls creates a calming ambiance white the wooden floor and ceiling create a symmetrical look. The side table that complements the reading corner is carved out of a trunk, offering the room a natural charm.

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