5 Tips for Incorporating Spring Pastels Into Your Home

Spring is on it’s way which means it’s time to put away the winter decor and bring out the spring pastels. If you were thinking that I was going to tell you to turn your living room into a pastel palace worthy of Marie Antoinette’s parlor, forget it. Too much of those light shades and you’ll have a room looking like it belongs to an old cat lady. But with the right amount of pastel pops here and there, you can bring the feel of spring into your home in a classy effortless way. Take a look at these 10 tips for bringing those spring shades out to play.

Bookshelves are a great place to start when it comes to decorating. Since they’re usually large, it’s an easy focal point for any room, so changing up your trinkets in between the books is a good idea. Trading out your navy blues for minty greens and bubble gum pinks will give it the feel of spring that such a large piece needs.

If you use your kitchen at all, you probably have a large collection of dish towels and napkins and tablecloths. Spring is the perfect season to show off those pastel stripes and spots and plaids that you’ve been saving. It will certainly improve the looks of Easter brunch.

Adding a rug to a room just pulls everything together and while the larger ones may be out of your price range, smaller sizes are much more affordable. For spring decorating, find a smaller rug that displays your favorite pastel colors and layer it on top of your every-day rug. You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make.

Your greenery deserves a taste of spring too! Do a bit of online shopping for some pastel pots or get some paint and paint your terra cotta pots yourself. Not only will it bring that spring pop into the room, it will make your plants look greener and healthier against such a pale color.

Everyone can agree the curtains are a huge focal point when it comes to interior decorating. A room just isn’t complete without them. So if they’re such a big deal, shouldn’t we be changing them out with the changing seasons? Hanging pastel drapes will make a huge spring impact in your home, not to mention giving a room a diffused pastel glow.

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