A Closer Look At The Iconic Design Of The Wishbone Chair

Simple, clean and with a straightforward appearance, the Wishbone chair has been around for decades and represents perhaps the most celebrates design of Hans J. Wegner. He designed the chair in 1949 for Carl Hansen & Son. In 1950 the company began producing this beautiful piece of furniture and never stopped since.

Hansen, a trained cabinetmaker, opened his furniture workshop in 1908. in the early days, it produced bespoke furniture and then gradually began to produce smaller series of its most popular products. In 1915, he opened a factory.

The Wishbone chair has been in continuous production since 1950 and has been made with the same 14 parts which require more than 100 different steps and approximately three weeks of preparation. Today, modern technology is being used but in the early days it was all pretty much done by hand.

During the manufacturing process, the back and the legs are sanded in order to give them the curvature which makes this chair so beautiful and iconic. The Y part attached to the back of the chair is another defining feature. It’s made of strong laminated plywood and it fits into a groove in the back of the chair.

Originally, the chair wasn’t available in a wide variety of colors. Today, more than 150 unique combinations are available. You can choose from a lot of different shades and colors to find the one that perfectly suits your décor.

Stylish & Fun Birthday Party Ideas For Little Girls

Planning a birthday party can be stressful, especially for your children. You want everything perfect. You want the guests wowed. But most importantly, you want your son or daughter to be absolutely elated when they see what you’ve done. We’re taking home parties to the next level and bringing you some fabulous ideas. Today, it’s all about the girls. Let’s have a look at some stylish and fun birthday party ideas for little girls and give yourself some inspiration!

This beautiful, backyard set up as all the posh and pizzazz your little one would love to have. Make it a more sophisticated affair with a gorgeous color pairing and a subtle, Parisian theme.

Take camping to an entirely different (and stylish) level with this little girl birthday party idea – that’s perfect for a sleepover! We love the color choices and we love how easy this would be to do at home.

Who doesn’t love a good fairy-tale? Sprinkle that magic and sparkle around the house with a “once upon a time” theme that makes your birthday girl squeal with joy.

For a more preppy and clean design, why not just highlight the birthday girl’s name! A monogrammed look can have a very modern and fashion-forward feel while remaining chic and still very creative with your details.

Does your little princess love Ariel? Instead of doing the obvious, go for an “Under The Sea” theme and have so much fun creating the decor and transforming your home into the ocean!

How To Solve The Curtain Problem When You Have Bay Windows

Bay windows are a bit odd and this means they sometimes pose problems. A bay window is actually just a regular window but the unusual feature is the way it communicates with the rest of the house and its walls. It represents a window space projecting outward from the main walls of a building, forming a bay in the room. One of the most tricky things to do is finding a right curtain design for these bay windows.

Ideally, the curtain rod would bend to follow the design of the window but, as it turns out, this is quite difficult. A much better solution would be to have three separate curtain rods.

If the windows are large and go almost all the way up to the ceiling, then you’ll want to use long curtains so you’d need one for each window. They will be operated individually and you’ll have the possibility of covering up the windows entirely.

But if you wish to only have two curtains, then you’ll have to be creative and make some sort of compromise. Perhaps the bay windows can form a shallow balcony-like structure and the curtains can conceal it.

If the bay windows form a smooth and delicate curve as opposed to an angular structure, then it’s possible to find flexible curtain rods. This seems like a great way to expand a room, even if just a little bit.

Sculptural Steel Rods Transform A Loft Into A Work Of art

Some believe you can judge a person’s character and style by analyzing the art they collect. The architects from Produce. Workshop used this concept when they designed a loft in Novena, Singapore for art collector and former CEO of MediaCorp News Woon Tai Ho.

The loft has a total living space of 75 square meters and the interior is a reflection of its owner’s character. The architects looked for inspiration in the art collects and were particularly influenced by the works of Jane Lee and Han Sai Por who use strong and powerful images.

They decided that an interesting and unique approach for this project would be to create a single piece of furniture and frames and connects everything inside the loft. The structure they designed is made of thin steel rods and serves as a bookshelf, a wardrobe, a table, wine rack and obviously also as a sculpture.

In the dining area, they wrap their way around the bottom of the table to support it at one end. They form a wine rack, conveniently incorporated in the design and situated between the kitchen and the dining room.

It was clear from the beginning that the loft had to look modern and to incorporate art at every turn. The architects were offered complete freedom and they came up with this ingenious and unique concept which not only perfectly describes the way the owner perceives this space and life in general but also gives the loft a very chic industrial vibe.

5 Tips for Incorporating Spring Pastels Into Your Home

Spring is on it’s way which means it’s time to put away the winter decor and bring out the spring pastels. If you were thinking that I was going to tell you to turn your living room into a pastel palace worthy of Marie Antoinette’s parlor, forget it. Too much of those light shades and you’ll have a room looking like it belongs to an old cat lady. But with the right amount of pastel pops here and there, you can bring the feel of spring into your home in a classy effortless way. Take a look at these 10 tips for bringing those spring shades out to play.

Bookshelves are a great place to start when it comes to decorating. Since they’re usually large, it’s an easy focal point for any room, so changing up your trinkets in between the books is a good idea. Trading out your navy blues for minty greens and bubble gum pinks will give it the feel of spring that such a large piece needs.

If you use your kitchen at all, you probably have a large collection of dish towels and napkins and tablecloths. Spring is the perfect season to show off those pastel stripes and spots and plaids that you’ve been saving. It will certainly improve the looks of Easter brunch.

Adding a rug to a room just pulls everything together and while the larger ones may be out of your price range, smaller sizes are much more affordable. For spring decorating, find a smaller rug that displays your favorite pastel colors and layer it on top of your every-day rug. You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make.

Your greenery deserves a taste of spring too! Do a bit of online shopping for some pastel pots or get some paint and paint your terra cotta pots yourself. Not only will it bring that spring pop into the room, it will make your plants look greener and healthier against such a pale color.

Everyone can agree the curtains are a huge focal point when it comes to interior decorating. A room just isn’t complete without them. So if they’re such a big deal, shouldn’t we be changing them out with the changing seasons? Hanging pastel drapes will make a huge spring impact in your home, not to mention giving a room a diffused pastel glow.

Beautiful Teacups To Use and To Decorate With

Teacups. With a vintage spirit and a functional presence, teacups have more than just one usage in the home. Not only can you brew a yummy cup of tea and have an afternoon gabbing over them with the girls, but you can decorate with them too! Let’s have a look at some great ideas and inspiration when it comes to your teacups and what to do with them!

This coffee shop too their cups and created beautiful ceiling fixtures that are artistic, creative and full of interest. Imagine doing this on a smaller scale inside your own home over the breakfast nook or bar area!

Your mantle could use a bit of feminine appeal, so why not give it some vintage charm by adding some of your gorgeous teacups to the design. We love the eclectic feel of this example and its unique appeal.

Use your teacups as small planters! Then create gorgeous centerpieces around this fun and flirty idea. Pot your favorite little flowers and see how it instantly sprucing the breakfast table or kitchen island.

Glue some classic cups together with a creative force and then you’ll have an easy piece to organize and display with. It’ll spruce up your vanity or dresser and make it easier to find certain pieces in the morning.

Install of hooks under the cabinets and hang your favorite teacups! This doubles as style and organization! It creates a cozy experience in the kitchen but also makes it easier to grab when you need a cup.

A Laid Back Holiday Home Turned Into A Picturesque Retreat

Simple, casual and with a facade that seems to have a lot of history, this holiday home has been remodeled by Eric Lamascus, the founder and CEO of Elite Construction. The company has been remodeling homes since 1999 and its designers are specialized in coming up with innovative home additions meant to improve and transform the whole look.

Situated outside of Santa Cruz in California, the house is surrounded by beautiful, wild landscape and vegetation. It’s because of this that the designer chose to focus on the views when remodeling the interior. But perhaps the most charming areas are the outdoor ones. The wooden deck offers the perfect environment from which to admire the surroundings, relax and enjoy the weather.

A pair of white Adirondack chairs are placed around a firepit, oriented towards the vast portion of vegetation that surrounds the house. Potted plants and a small dining set occupy the other portion of the deck.

An outdoor shower complements the entrance that leads into the kitchen. Large, glass-paneled doors connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing them to communicate seamlessly.

Outside on the deck there’s also room for a grill or stove, making this a perfect place for enjoying barbecues and gatherings on sunny days and serene nights.

The interior is surprisingly bright and tranquil. The soft, pastel yellow on the bedroom walls creates a calming ambiance white the wooden floor and ceiling create a symmetrical look. The side table that complements the reading corner is carved out of a trunk, offering the room a natural charm.

Stunning Designs That Changed The Way We Look At Things

Whether you realize it or not, beauty is everywhere around you and, even though it’s difficult to define stunning design, identifying it is easy. Every category you can think of has its own outstanding creations and examples. We made it our job to find some of those.

It should be easy to impress when you’re working with light yet, with so many great designs already being spread all over the world, coming up with a design that actually stands out becomes challenging. In this case, it’s the simplicity and the ingenuity of the light fixture that makes it so cool and outstanding.

Ever wanted to paint your walls with light? Well, now you can come close to doing that with this LED luminaire. It has a built-in power supply and can be installed on walls and ceilings. It consists of a strip of steel that can be shaped and positioned in numerous ways and configurations.

What an original way to illuminate a room! We’re talking about the Peel Wall Light by YOY which is basically a lamp designed to fit in the corner and to make it look like the light is coming from behind the peeling wallpaper.

There are a lot of cool designs that could be included in this list and we’ve only managed to find a few. We were impressed by this sculptural lamp. It’s handmade of reclaimed wood and each piece is unique and has a different shape. It all starts with the search for the perfect tree trunk.

These are definitely not your everyday pillows because, well, they’re shaped like stones and they actually look pretty realistic. They’re not called “livingstones” for nothing after all. Fill your contemporary living room with these unique things and you’ll get a rocking design.

How To Pick A Modern Bathroom Mirror With Lights

Every room has its own must-haves. Every living room needs a sofa, every bedroom needs a bed and every bathroom needs a mirror. But it’s not just that. Each of these elements comes with a series of secondary features that increase their efficiency. In the case of the bathroom mirror it’s the accent lighting that completes the package.

It’s important to know how to pick a mirror with lights. Don’t focus on size or shape only. You must also pay attention to details such as the way the accent lighting interacts with the mirror itself but also with the surrounding décor. Always remember that having a bathroom mirror with accent lights placed directly above it is the worst kind of combination. The light has to flatter you, not create unpleasant shadows.

A lot of modern mirrors take care of that problem for you. They come with integrated accent lighting that’s soft, pleasant and uniformly dispersed in order to be efficient and flattering. There are lots of different designs to choose from so pick wisely and take into consideration all the factors.

Interesting But Neutral Color Palettes for the Home

Sometimes all you want is clean simplicity inside of your home. You want no fuss. You want no chaos. And you want every space of the house to have a refreshing and open feel. That’s where neutral come in. They provide a relaxing, yet stylish, way to dress your home. But if you’re not careful you can create too many dull spaces, that’s where the right duos and trios come in. Let’s have a look at some of the best neutral paint colors for the home!

Even with the absence of color this trio brings leaps and bounds of contrast and interest. Each tone is so much different and bolder than the next when paired together. Of course if you do decide to add a color, such as those yellow florals they’ll POP with ease.

At first glance or though, grays and browns don’t seem to go together, but in fact they make quite the trendy, eclectic mix. Even if you get the brown tones from an unfinished, light wood piece, it’ll create that same refreshing and creative foundation.

This is another trio that has a great contrast. Between the white and chocolate you get a stark difference and bold flavor while the beige addition will provide a subtle middle-ground building a bridge between the powerful others.

You’d be surprised how dramatic and statement-worthy a combination of black and browns can be. In your formal living room or even in the dining room, you could really create something special with this neutral idea.

Use a variety of gray tones when creating your bedroom, living room or even home office. It’ll be relaxing, refreshing and even give it a bit of an artistic and delicate ombre feel. You’ll love seeing every shade dance and blend together without any fuss.